Things Tenants should look for in a Lease Agreement


Lease Agreement

Tenants should be fully aware of their responsibilities as a tenant and what is required of them in the Lease Agreement that they sign. Here are some tenant responsibilities that you need to be aware of.

Tenants who don't read, understand or remember what is in the agreement, are generally the ones who are evicted tenants, leave before lease term, skip rent payments, have landlord hassles.

A lease agreement is a legal contract between landlord and tenant that has rules and regulations which need to be abided by for the duration of the lease term. EG 1 year.

It's as important for a tenant as it is for a landlord that the obligations of this legal contract are fulfilled. Some of the more important ones are:

Most Landlords have additional terms in the Lease Agreement, and need to be adhered to. Why? Well, you are breaching a legal contract for starters, but just as important, you will create tension with the landlord if he becomes aware that rules aren't being followed. EG

Tenants should be aware that when there is no Lease Agreement to sign before occupancy, chances are that Landlord will not follow the laws of the land, and/or landlord responsibilities.

As mentioned here. These are landlord responsibilities.

What should a prospective tenant do when the landlord has no lease agreement? Run!

This is not a professional landlord and you will more likely than not, have problems. All kinds of problems.

It is important that you carefully review the Lease Contract, and discuss the terms that you are not comfortable with or you deem unreasonable. Negotiate! If the landlord is not willing to be reasonable, or negotiate the terms to your satisfaction, then find another landlord.

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